Review | West End Live Lounge

Theatre: The Other Palace – nearest tube Victoria (Victoria, District, Circle)
DVL_EJVWkAARidODate: 11th February 2018
: £15 to £25 – all proceeds to Barnardos

Seats: The sides of row A are not ideal as the band are set up on the stage, which is below eye level. You will not always be able to see the performers, but you’ll obviously be able to hear perfectly! 

Overall thoughts: For those who don’t know what West End Live Lounge is, it is an evening starring your favourite West End performers singing your favourite pop songs, usually with a stagey twist. The added bonus of this evening is that by attending you are supporting a worthy cause too.


The cast for this show included Natalie McQueen, Christina Bennington, Stewart Clarke, Jodie Steele, Cassidy Janson and George Ure amongst many others, singing a range of artists from Katy Perry to The Corrs, Ed Sheeran to Lady Gaga. I think most people would agree however that the performance of the evening was Kayleigh McKnight singing Creep by Radiohead (click here to view) – truly sensational.

I’d thoroughly recommend booking a ticket to the next Live Lounge when it is announced. You will not regret it. The talent on show is out of this world and for this reason the tickets sell out very quickly.

For other performances check out their YouTube channel here or follow them on Twitter @WELiveLounge17

– Becca & Gemma –

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