Review | Dry Powder

Theatre: Hampstead Theatre – nearest tube Swiss Cottage (Jubilee)
Dates: 26th January to 3rd March
Tickets: SOLD OUT but returns are added to the website and there is a returns queue. Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 16.44.42
Cheap tickets? Hampstead Theatre sells a limited number of tickets for £10 for all shows for under 30s.
Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes with no interval
Programme cost: £3.50 with the option of purchasing a voucher with your ticket (useful)

Stage door: No stage door, but it is possible to meet the cast in the theatre foyer.

Seats: There are seats on all sides of the stage, so at times you will be looking at an actor’s back if you are sat on the side, but this is not a big issue – even if you are sat in the centre this will happen. I don’t believe there’s a bad seat in this theatre.

Overall thoughts: It is fair to say that when we booked this it was for the cast, namely Hayley Atwell. (I know. Naughty us. Exactly the sort of people ‘theatre people’ love to hate – those who see a show for a person, but we’ll save that for another blog!). Right up until I arrived I had no real idea of what I’d booked. Dry Powder is set in the world of private equity in New York, in a firm that is in the wake of a PR disaster. Thankfully, for those not fluent in finance, there is a glossary of terms in the programme which I would recommend reading prior to the start!

You’re probably wondering how you can make a play that’s actually funny out of investment management? Well they manage it thanks to the back and forth between Hayley Atwell’s Jenny, and Tom Riley’s Seth who deliver dialogue with wonderful comedic timing, while also bringing up some interesting thoughts about ‘philanthrocapitalism’ and its place in the world. 

I’m not sure this is the best play about the world of finance – the plot does not go very far with the entire 1 hour 45 centred around the same deal but the characters are funny and the performances excellent. I would recommend seeing this, particularly if you are a fan of Hayley Atwell as she is very much a highlight throughout the show.

 – Becca & Gemma –

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